Google Self-driving Cars are Imminent


Google might produce its own self driving cars if it does not get any support from major car manufacturers.

Google cars are imminent as evident by a report from Amir Efrati on Jessica Lessin’s blog. Google is eyeing on a self driving car from a long time. However, now it is actively pursuing car manufacturers to design and develop these autonomous cars according to their specifications.

This new invention would be more than an association between Google’s cloud and self driving technology.

This is not a good news for the transportation industry as these autonomous cars by Google would provide people taxi services to and from their destination.

Unexpectedly, Google’s venture capital division recently put in $258 million in Uber, which links human drivers with riders.

Most of the automakers have not been fond of this Google’s venture and therefore haven’t provided much assistance to them. However, Continental, a German automotive supplier, seems to be ready to collaborate with Google and IBM to create self-driving vehicles. I’ve come to know about it from a report in the Frankfurter Allgemeine.

We can’t say for sure if Google will be successful in this venture or not, however, one thing is certain, it’ll surely disrupt the transportation industry.


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