Google Confirms Buying Smartwatch Maker WIMM Labs


Google has finally confirmed the speculation that it has bought the Android smartwatch maker, WIMM Labs, which launched an Android-powered smartwatch before shutting down. Amid the release of Samsung Galaxy gear and leaks about iWatch by Apple, Google has been all beefed up to brace itself up for launching a smartwatch.

The tech giant from Mountain View has not made the decision in a hurry ― WIMM Labs had produced state-of-the-art Android-powered smartwatch featuring a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g for connectivity; a 256 MB of RAM with an efficient 667MHz processor. The peculiar feature was the battery life, while another driving factor was the refresh rate which was around one per minute. WIMM labs were closed in 2011, but the merger with Google surfaced recently.

Though Apple’s iWatch remains elusive till date, Google is boosting its feathers to come up with the OEM that will beat every other competitor. The September 4 event by Samsung Korea has really set the paradigms in the wearable computing industry, and all eyes are on Google for some kind of revolutionary introduction. Android designed for wrist-mounted wearable have an increased scope, and that is what compelled Google to buy the leading smartwatch producer

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