American Surgeons Use Google Glass During Knee Surgery


Anyone having a sparse interest and insight on wearable computing trends is aware of the importunate value of Google Glass – one of the pioneer and topnotch devices – which has set the trends in today’s tech world.

Google Glass is not ceasing to reveal its usage in multifarious domains of practical life, and now, another aspect has depicted the elevated importance of this useful wearable gadget from Mountain View. A medical surgeon from Ohio casted  a knee surgery, live from the Google Glass just to show how medical industry can make use of this amazing technology.

Dr. Christopher Kieiding wore Google Glass during a knee surgery of a 47-year-old patient, to make the world aware of the medical benefits of wearable computers. Experts were already suggesting the use of Glass in surgery for calling up X-rays, viewing patient MRIs and referencing other reports and materials. There are already some Google Glass-related apps in the market, i.e.  “MedRef” – designed to acquire the patient record for anti-cognition purposes, using the Google Glass. Doctor, wearing the Glass during surgery touted the usefulness, and ease of the device, and said it “seemed very intuitive and seamlessly fit.”.


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