Grandparents Develop an iPad App to Connect With Children and Grandchildren


Here’s another perfect depiction of how modern technology has changed the way people think. Feeling a discomfort in communicating with their children and grandchildren, Charlie and Maria Girsch have come up with a solution – an iPad App, that is going to not only benefit them in communicating with their family members who are spread across the country, but they can also play games, doodle, read, shop or have a video chat – all at the same time with state-of-the-art collaborative computing.

Grandma can play games with her grandchildren, and any puzzle move from the other end will be nudged here. The app is presently anticipating App Store sanction as Charlie and Maria got the COPPA approval which is a child online privacy protection law. It took the family more than a year and around $300,000 to develop this app.

They hinted that there will be an Android and HTML5 edition too, soon. App is given the name “FamZoom” and will be free for all the old houses, said Maria. The couple intends to buy iPads and donate them to people who’re unable to connect to their loved ones. Both Charlie and Maria have already got enough fame amid the utility and out-of-the-box idea of FamZoom.


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