Thousands Wait in Lines To Buy iPhone 4



Apple iPhone lines in UK

iPhone Customers' Line in Regent Street, London

In spite of the preorder mess up and issues regarding iPhone reception the arrival day of the much hyped iPhone 4 seems to have enjoyed a triumphant launch across the globe. Japan was the first among all other countries to witness the iPhone 4 go on sale while more than 300 iPhone customers lined up at the flagship store for Softbank, the Japanese mobile carrier of iPhone 4. According to the report Softbank sold out all iPhone 4G by early afternoon.


Apple iphone standing line in US

Line at Michigan Ave Store in Chicago, US



France, Germany, and the UK were the next to launch the iPhone 4 and just afterward the U.S. East coast. As we have heard from our trusted source that the queues were really long at many of the places. The US Apple Store at Richmond, VA reports that today the lines for iPhone 4 happens to be the longest lines for any iPhone launch at their store.


Apple iPhone lines in Paris

Apple Store, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris



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