Nintendo 2DS, a Perfect Entry-Level Gaming Device for Beginners


There’s good news for gamers as the much-awaited Nintendo 2DS has hit the markets, and guess what, despite the rumors about its grump size and uneasiness in use, hands on reviews and experiences have been much appreciated around the web!

But yes, there are some lags for pro-gamers; the most important of them being the inability to play 3D games using the stereoscopic mode ― something we used to enjoy on 3DS/3DS XL. The outlook may throw an unnatural look because most of the handheld gaming devices are much sleek and slim; but this new arrival is designed with pure user-friendly architectonics. Its big, square-like architecture will make you play for hours, without going stale.

A price cut of $40 has made this entry-level gaming device a rising trend in Google Insights. With just a pocket loose of $129.99, you can play the best-ever Nintendo games. Other features include Wi-Fi and dual cameras, an SD card slot with a sleep switch at the top for easy turning off. As per leaks speculating around the web, Nintendo’s big boss is very likely to hit the market by mid-October. So, what are you waiting for, just go and get it!


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