Use Klamr for Social Text Messaging, Photo-Sharing, Hang Outs


App Store has emceed yet another social media text messaging app known as Klamr, this Friday. The application is meant for multi-tasking using text messages. Just sign in using your phone number, search your friends by their digits, and start sharing messaging, social contacts and planning, location search, reviews, chat with photo-sharing and much more. Klamr is packed with a plethora of features, and you will surely love to have this piece of cake grabbed from the store.

To get started, choose your friends after searching them to include in a meal, activity or event, specifying time and location. Third-party social media integration is enabled in Klamr, and you can share your experiences on Yelp, Foursquare and Facebook as well. There are in-app suggestions of nearby venues and locations to make things more interesting and crispy.

Just select where you want to hang out and with whom, and the rest will be done by Klamr. It will send a text message to your mate and notify about your plans. Officials tout that this app is for free, and there are absolutely no in-app ads to tease users! The administration is more worried about user acquisition, rather than monetary benefits.

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