PRISM Lite Tracks Personal Messages, Calls and Records


Since the media leaks about the PRISM program have been ruining the goodwill and image of the Big Boss, it seems ballooning of related stuff has started. Another leak, probably having the same level of gravity and paramount value has been hitting the media which says that Gamma Group, a German-based company that makes security equipment for law enforcement has been involved in wiring some of the gadgets used for spying individuals and government-level corridors.

The device information leaked for what they call as PRISM lite devices include a GSM tracker which analyzes the text messages of a person once put in the vicinity of the mobile. The other device made by Gamma is used for assessing the person’s whereabouts, but definitely needs physical connection with the person. Another device called “FinFisher” records all the calls on Skype, chats, records, and files saved on any computer.

These leaks have certainly jounced and joggled the already curious masses, especially in America amid the NSA’s Snowden case. Gamma Group has allegedly been threatened by NGOs because of the law breaches this gadget is going to make. Another partner of Gamma Group called Elaman GmbH is also involved in the production of such services.


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