Google Names Its Next OS “KitKat”


No it’s not Key Lime Pie, Google announced the next Android version as “KitKat”, surprising all the fans who were already keeping it as pre-defined in their books.  Google announced it in the recent news conference that the next OS version of Google will be named as KitKat. It was revealed by executive Sundar Pichai via Google+ update.

It seems Google has been augmenting its habit of giving surprises to the folks because it was almost final that the name of the OS will be Key Lime Pie, but it’s now Kit Kat, a Hershey brand in the U.S and Nestle product globally. Google Spokesperson said that there are no money deals, no advertisements games and no patent problems; it’s just out of the blue that Google competent minds have named the next OS as KitKat. Google’s executive said that he was “amazed” to see the KitKat statue in his lawn, and the Android mascot will be shown on the front of Google’s office any time soon.

The executive also confirmed that there will be one million activations after this announcement. The new name is perceived to be a welcoming gesture by Google and is likely to get more fame amid the already dwindled popularity of the chocolate.

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