Google is Soon Going to Launch Remote Control for Google Glass


Been busy scratching your head having Google Glass on? Just cut the crap now because the remote control for Google Glass is here that will let you snag the phone.

It’s been a while since Apple is bracing itself to revamp the Glass because the customers have been complaining a lot amid the plethora of issues like inability of swipe and motion gestures. Apple felt that the real “frictionless” interaction is not yet achieved, so here it is; the remote control will let you touch, swipe, and tap your phone’s screen to move through the Glass interface, which should be more reliable than anything else. The remote control will have the companion app, that will let you handle the Glass stuff more easily. There is another cupcake for you here, you can take photos and record video secretly.

It’s always hard to stare the Google glass and there are many interruptions between the Google Cloud streams. The remote control feature will wriggle up your interaction session. But most of the experts don’t rate this control a much and they have the reason for this. If Google have planned to start third party or other accessories then where is the in-house, gesture based computing? This is a question we are still looking the answer of.



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