Apple To Land China Soon, With Price Slashes Of course


China with a population of more than 1300 million and ever increasing financial stability has the potential to be the world’s biggest market in almost everything from food cereals to high tech gadgets, so it’s no wonder CEOs of prestigious companies have been openly speaking about expanding their businesses in China. No exception here is Apple CEO Tim Cook, who have said that China has the ability to eventually overtake USA as the biggest market of Apple products. But uptil now, no concrete steps have been publicly taken by either party: Apple or China Mobile; the leading mobile phone operator in the region with over 700 million subscribers.

But recently, reports most prominently from Wall street Journal have emerged that both heavyweights are in the final phase of discussion for introducing a cheaper version of the iPhone called the C version through China mobile.

Both of these companies have been in talks for years now, with China Mobile holding out for a better offer from Apple than given in other regions and Apple wanting to give less than others because of the cheap version of the iPhone involved. However, it appears that a compromise has been reached between the two stakeholders and an announcement is expected in the near future with Apple’s share went up 0.5% immediately after the report. However, Apple is yet to release a report regarding the truth of the matter and it remains to be seen whether they can pull it off.

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