Google Introduces Encryption for Data Privacy


With reports and leaks coming every other day now about how vast the NSA’s surveillance system and the technology is, the companies holding the user accounts and information are coming up with their own encryption system, securing all the data that is flowing in and out of their servers. Both are engaged in a serious arms race in which neither side wants to back down and let the other take control. For companies, the data privacy is vital in preserving their customers, as unwanted snooping around is perceived as the pinnacle of failure of these companies.

On the other hand, organizations like NSA cry foul about the growing terrorism based activities being carried out by the newly encrypted data flows and are doing everything they can to undermine the provider’s Shields.

The new technology  as promised by Google won’t make it impossible for NSA’s PRISM tech to circumvent the information, but it would certainly make the task increasingly difficult and tedious. This also comes with the obvious fact that Google’s such actions have no legal coverage, because it has to comply to court orders about handing over the information to such agencies, even leading to assumptions that Google has taken part in PRISM Development to play a double game with the authorities.


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