Facebook Starts Trial for Video Ads on News Feeds


Selected mobile users are now witnessing video ads on the Facebook news feeds; however, in order to ensure that they are less intrusive, these ads are silent. Once a user taps the video, it will be played with sound on full screen.

Facebook has been pondering on the idea of introducing video ads for quite some time now but delayed only because of the concerns that users may find them extremely irritating or disruptive. However, we can now say that one of the most popular social networking websites of the world has started the testing of silent video ads for some users that access Facebook through their mobiles.

The testing control group has been restricted only to verified accounts and individual users. At the present moment, the selected users will see videos only from other users and not any brand or advertiser.

The trial has been demonstrated by Facebook through a short video and no more information is currently available, but according to experts, Facebook would want to promote this feature on the main site as well with Christmas coming up, which provides them a great opportunity to make more and more money through ads.

However, one thing is for sure that Facebook would not risk losing its users if the video advertisement is as irritating as it sounds.


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