NATO Car Device: Ultimate Deterrence against Suicide Bombers


NATO finally came up with a solution for IEDS, suicide bombers and vehicle born explosives. Scientists in Norway have made a breakthrough in devising an electromagnetic beam gadget that can create an EMP, powerful enough to fry the circuits of any car.

This device can thus stop a suspected vehicle and even jam the signals of a remote control bomb. It must be noticed that such IEDS and vehicle born explosives are the most lethal arsenal at the disposal of terrorists, and have claimed thousands of allied soldier and civilian lives in the turmoil areas. The device is still in the testing phase at some secret defense research facility in Norway.

The prototype can be mounted on the back of the vehicle and a concentrated beam is capable to neutralize any threat. Odd Harry Arnesen, senior scientist with the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment, said that the device is fairly harmless, as it doesn’t pose any threat to the passengers, vehicle and the people in the surrounding.

The benefits are endless, as the same device can be used to disarm drones or any other war arsenal with an electronic circuitry. The manufacturers didn’t announce the launching date, but once out of the assembly line, this electromagnetic beam device can be used by law enforcing agencies and militaries around the globe.


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