Garmin Latest Transforms the Car’s Interior into a Jet’s Canopy

BMW head-up display (HUD)

Garmin introduced an HUD for cars that will give windscreen of a car an uncanny resemblance to any fighter jet canopy. The idea was instigated due to the rising trend of gadgetries in cars. It ostensibly makes difficult for drivers to keep their eyes on the road.

Now with the help of Garmin, most of the details such as the route instruction will directly be displayed on the screen. It must be noted that this devise is strictly for display, and users will be required to attach an independent GPS device.

The manufacturers placed the price at $150, and with an additional GPS the whole package will cost around $200. Similar concepts have been introduced by leading automobile manufacturers such as BMW, where the speed, directions and other details are displayed on the screen. However, Garmin is the only after sale manufacturer of such gadget.

There are no detail maps, and the directions displayed are easy to understand. There is a light sensor attached on the back of the device and it adjusts brightness according to the light. Nevertheless, skeptics raised questions regarding the safety of drivers, as this will take their attention off the road and on to the display.


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