Hackers bypass Apple 5S Touch ID


Hackers have found a way to break Touch ID, a fingerprint recognition feature in the new iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S has recently been out and the hackers have broken one of its top security features in such a short amount of time. Some may question the effectiveness of the security feature after the hack claim. Apple still states that the Touch ID is very secure despite all this.

The hackers were able to create a fake finger using photographs. Pictures of fingerprints were taken and they were used to create fake fingers. Apple has stated that the chances of two people having similar fingerprints are 1 in 50,000. This helps make the iPhone 5S very secure according to Apple.

The hack being a success is not surprising for SRLabs chief Scientist Karsten Nohi. He states that many industries have tried fingerprint security in the past and Apple would have to come up with a miracle to make their system hack proof. He stated that Apple is being ridiculous when they claimed the Touch ID will grant users a very high level of security.

The main idea behind Touch ID was to replace the password security locking feature present in previous models. Apple may need to reconsider the Touch ID idea if more hacks succeed.


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