Customers Complaints With Video Demonstration: iPhone 4 Losing Display!


iphone 4G dispaly problem

iPhone 4 Loses Reception?

Though it has not passed even a single day, customers of latest iPhone 4G are giving negative feedback saying iPhone 4s single bars are notably dropping down when being held in hand. The people who got this pricey handset just by today have already started to shout in various forums with a video demonstrating the reproducibility of the drawback. See the video Here.


This finding has generated tremendous reaction from people who have spotted the similar behavior. While people are talking about the display error rather than an actual signal problem, several customers have complained that calls do drop when the display disappears

Now the question, which still haunts is this a new concern or people are intensely aware of it because of too much attention drawn to the iPhone 4s exterior antennas? Experts claim that might be a serious trouble for the iPhone 4G owners.

Though we can not say this is an iPhone 4 specific issue as we have seen videos highlighting the same problems for previous iPhone devices. For whatever reason, those videos never became the centre of attention as the craze for Apple iPhone continues to go ripe.

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