Google Launches New Hummingbird Search Algorithm

Google Launches New Hummingbird Search Algorithm

At Google’s 15th birthday event, it launched a massive update to its complex search algorithm, titled Hummingbird.

Over the years, Google has launched plenty of new algorithms, specifically Caffeine, Panda, and Penguin. The latter of which were designed to combat web spam.

The algorithm is up and running now and is designed to parse longer search queries as well as entire questions. Previously the algorithm only parsed searches word by word but the Hummingbird update should parse full questions with ease.

So for example, if a user has to type in a long search query such as “What is the maximum amount of weight I can lose in a week?” then the Hummingbird update should theoretically return much more relevant and reliable answers.

The Hummingbird algorithm will also reportedly affect up to 90% of search queries which if true, is the largest since Google’s Caffeine update (which targeted website speed as well as implemented social media results into the search results).

How this plays out in the long run in terms of overall search quality remains to be seen.

But in the end nothing is perfect and Google’s popular search algorithm is just that, an algorithm. It’s just a bunch of ones and zeroes.

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