Apple iPhone 5S Sales Break All Previous Records


As per the claims of Apple, the sales of iPhone 5S and 5C have broken all previous records. While the online orders will be shipped next week, the initial supply has been surpassed by the extra-ordinary demand.

Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook revealed in a statement that this has been their best iPhone launch so far, with more than nine million latest iPhones sold till date, which by far is the record for the first week. Cook expressed that all the initial supply of iPhone 5S has been sold but the stores continue to get orders for the latest smartphone. The CEO wants the outlets as well as the customers to be a little patient so that the company can manufacture more iPhones.

The company also revealed that about 200 million iOS devices have converted to iOS 7, which it believes is the greatest software upgrade in history.

Apart from a number of other features of iPhone 5S, the most eye-catching thing about the smartphone is its fingerprinting technology, which has replaced the traditional four-digit pin. Taking into account the ever-increasing cases of data theft, this is Apple’s initiative to provide maximum security to its users. Many experts believe that this technology may turn out to be a trendsetter in the coming years.


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