Google Introduces Search Upgrade to Mark Its 15th Anniversary


Google has completed 15 years of its birth and it used a garage attached to a mediocre suburban home, the company’s very first office, to showcase some of its latest updates.

The web giant was founded in September, 1998, by students of Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Over the last few years, Google has dominated the world of information technology through different software, cloud computing, search and advertising technologies.

On the completion of its 15 tremendous years, Google has introduced a new design for the Google mobile apps for Apple and Android devices. The new design will make it easier for a user to ask spoken questions. On top of that, Google now has the ability to show comparisons between objects like the characteristics of two plants or the nutritional value of different food items.

In response to a spoken question about a painter or a musician, the world’s leading search engine can now display samples of arts or music.

Amit Singhai, the senior vice president of Google, expressed while talking to reporters that the new algorithm is a revolutionary change to the search formula. He said that a user had to think deep and hard about the right keyword before searching for anything 15 years ago but this is not the case anymore.


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