Google Acquires a Content Sharing App, Bump


Google has bought Bump, a content sharing app for iPhone and Android handsets. However, Bump and its photo sharing app called Flock will continue to work as they have been doing in past.

Mostly in recent times, whenever a major organization has bought any application, the buyer tends to shut down the company’s operations but this has not been the case in this acquisition.

The specialty of this app, Bump, is that it allows content to be shared between different smartphones like Android and all versions of iPhone. In recent times, it has also been enabling users to share data with a computer.

The previous owners of Bump did not reveal how much Google paid for the app or if the company will change its offices and move within the Google complex.

During the last few days, Google has been in the news for wrong reasons as it allowed a fishy Android app, iMessage Chat, to find a way into its Play Store. The app hacked the data of thousands of users in different parts of the world. A number of technology experts raised their voice against the suspicious activities of the app. However, according to reports, Google has now removed the app from the Play Store.


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