Google Likely to be fined for not complying with French Privacy Demands


An independent Paris-based data protection commission, Nationale de l’informatique et des libertés (CNIL), has released a report, according to which Google has failed to comply with the French privacy demands, although it was given an extended deadline of three months by the concerned authorities in the country.

It is widely expected that Google will face a heavy fine for its failures to provide the standard privacy to French users. Being the first-time offense, Google will face a maximum fine of about $198,300; however, the fine will be doubled if the offense is repeated in future.

Many European regulators and the web giant has been at loggerheads since Google’s revised privacy policy that came into effect last year as it allows the company to access the restricted personal data of a user for its advertising. The French regulator urged Google to take a user’s approval before accessing the personal data.

Google, however, denies the claims in this report and made it clear that it respects the privacy policy of every country. One of the leaders in the world of information technology also revealed that it has cooperated with CNIL in past and will continue to do so in future.

It needs to be mentioned that regulatory authorities of a few other European countries like UK, Spain, Germany and Italy are also conducting similar investigations.



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