Facebook Continues to Enhance its Search Options


Facebook has confirmed that it is in process of allowing users to go a lot deeper into a friend’s timeline on the free content ad network, which means that the social networking website is more researchable than ever before, much to the satisfaction of the advertisers and stalkers.

In its efforts to cheer investors on Wall Street, Facebook, which happens to be one of the most popular social networking websites of the world, has been chasing larger ad bucks. The strategy has worked quite well in the last few months.

At the start of 2013, Facebook revealed its Graph Search feature, with limited functions at that time; however, that was considered to be the company’s first clear signal to the advertisers that Facebook has started to take them seriously.

Over the years, Facebook has shared a very good working relationship with Microsoft; however, it realizes that the search feature has to be an independent project. Despite the fact that Microsoft still supports the external search requests for Facebook users, the more important stuff present in the network is controlled by the social networking website’s engineers.

Facebook expressed on Monday that a user can now search for photo captions, status updates, check-ins and comments that have been shared with him in past. However, it will not compromise a user’s privacy.


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