Cloud Company, Box Finds Success in Medical Sector


Cloud startup Box finds success in the medical sector and is now taking full advantage of it. Box has recently announced that it has secured 13 new partnerships with various digital health vendors – quite an amazing feat. The new partnership companies include: CareCloud and GrandRounds. CareCloud is an electronic medical provider and is very well known throughout the world.

The goal of the partnerships is to bring cloud technology into hospitals and clinics. Many companies have tried breaking into the medical sector with their cloud services, but almost all have failed. This is because the medical sector prefers storing its information on its own hardware system for security. Box has taken an indirect entry into the medical sector by approaching medical vendors instead of hospitals and clinic.

Box will simply sell the products of these medical vendors to doctors. They will share vendor’s files and storage so that doctors can take full benefit of cloud storage. This may result in a change of the medical system altogether. The medical sector relies on paper, the initiation by Box may see the medical sector shift to digital systems entirely. The cloud service will also organize the data so that doctors will be able to use it more easily. Box will include more options and services in the future.

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