U.S Govt Opposes Surveillance Requests


The U.S government has recently filed a court case to oppose thousands of surveillance request releases they get from big tech companies. It appears that the U.S government does not like the idea of being denied. The U.S is pressurizing the big tech companies to give them the information while keeping it a secret.

Unfortunately, these big companies cannot deny the government easily and tell their customers that they are about to hand over their personal information to the U.S government. The tech giants have requested that they need to reveal to the customers the information that they are giving. Microsoft and Google had been trying to reach an agreement with the government about this issue. After a while, both the companies filed a lawsuit in Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to deal with this issue.

The U.S government does not want to release the request information simply because it would expose their methods too much. It is obvious that the U.S government wants to keep its methods of intelligence collection a secret. If they reveal the requests, they will also expose what they can do and what not. However, the time will decide if this entire situation will result in better privacy for customers. Till now, the U.S stands firm on its decision of not revealing the request information.



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