The Golden Gadgets for Those Who Want to Spend a Bit More


Golden Gadgets are tech devices that are made out of gold. They have become a cool part of the tech market. Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5S are good examples of great tech devices. As they are so popular, these tech devices now get their gold plated versions.

Gold plated versions of almost all famous tech devices are available now. Some of these tech devices are reserved exclusively for collectors. They work as the standard version of the devices, but they are more expensive and exclusive. Gold tech devices can be bought from specific stores only. Few online stores like Amazon have them on sale too.

A gold iPhone 5S encrusted with diamonds comes to the market at around $7000.  People can get an iPad for $1800 in gold, rose gold or platinum from Goldgenie. Final Audio Design has gold plated ear buds for sale at $1000.

In short, companies want to provide customers gold plated devices if they have extra money to spend. More gold tech platted devices will be present in the future if they get enough attention. So far, sales have been good. Any famous device will definitely have a gold plated version of it in the future.

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