Twitter to Take Full Advantage of Future Ad Tech


Twitter will be using ad tech in the future and will probably lead all companies in it by 2017. Twitter has already showed signs of progressing in ad tech when they acquired MoPub. MoPub was bought for nearly $350 million that allows Twitter to make use of their powerful Mobile Ad Server.

Sponsored Tweets have generated a lot of revenue for Twitter. With MoPub integration, advertisers will be able to use some very useful metrics about the audience of Twitter. This will allow real time ad-bidding. Almost 65%  of Twitter’s advertisement’s revenue comes from mobile devices. MoPub will take mobile advertising to the next level by offering advertisers and third party publishers ad space at precise moments.

Advertisers can now target audience according to their Tweets on Twitter. Preset Ad configurations will automatically serve ads to Twitter members that will be relevant to their Tweets. So if a user Tweets about SuperBowl, an advertiser may serve a $5 Pizza Hut coupon to them. If a user Tweets about Wrestling, an advertiser may send a front row arena ticket at a discounted price.

Because advertisers will be able to analyze the audience on Twitter through MoPub, they will be able to send relevant ads. So, Twitter will progress in this sector.


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