A Customer is the Destructive Force in Tech?

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In the past, a person wasn’t allowed to choose which tech he/she prefers but the increase in products have resulted in the customer being the reason for the decline of many companies. There were only a bunch of companies leading with their cutting edge tech which everyone had to use. Almost all office computers would have Microsoft Windows as the operating system. A company would give all its employees a BlackBerry and almost all systems were made by Dell.

New devices like iPhones, Tablets and Androids have changed the market completely. Now customers have a choice and this choice has caused Dell, Microsoft and BlackBerry to fall. They used to work steadily on new products and face no competition at all. Due to competition and the ever changing demand of consumers, they had to fight with others and adapt to new surroundings.

Unfortunately, customers have played the major role. They preferred the more attractive products of other companies which have led to even fiercer competition. Now, you can choose whether you want to buy a tablet that runs Android, iOS or Windows. Same goes for mobiles, as each company has something different to offer. As the tech market flourishes, customers will become more choosy resulting in more competition and further destruction.

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