New Trent Chargepak NT600C on Sale for only $35

New Trent Chargepak NT600C on Sale for only $35


New Trent Chargepak NT600C is a new mobile charger that provides a 6000mAh battery and is priced at $35 on Daily Steals. The unit is similar to the MyCharge Peak which is priced at $70. The battery of the Chargepak is powerful enough to recharge two smartphones and one tablet once the device is fully charged itself. The NT600C is recommended for people who travel a lot and want a cheap alternative to the mobile chargers that are already dominant in the online market. Its main features include:

–           Two USB ports, one for 1A phones and tablets and the other for 2A phone and tablets.

–          A built in folding microUSB arm which can be tucked away when not being used.

–          Lightweight construction to make it easy to carry.

Android phone users can benefit from this device greatly as most Android phones are microUSB powered. At Amazon, the NT600C carries a 4.6/5 rating from more than 200 customers. Shipping time may take about 2-3 weeks and a customer does not need to pay anything extra. Daily Steals is bearing the shipping costs for this particular deal.

The device elsewhere is priced at $50, so people who are interested in purchasing the NT600C should do it right away. Devices that carry anything about 4.0 rating on Amazon actually perform well and do what they claim most of the time. NT600C reviews are also available at most online stores which can help some customers get a complete picture of the device or find out about what other users have to say about it.

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