Rumors Start to Circulate about the Display Screen of iPhone 6


The world of technology has already started to make rumors about the next generation of iPhones, iPhone 6, despite the fact that Apple launched the latest iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C just a few weeks back.

According to most technology experts, it is almost certain that iPhone 6 will have a bigger screen as compared to all the other iPhones in past.

The recently introduced models of iPhone possessed a 4-inch screen but Brian White, who is a renowned technology analyst of Cantor Fitzgerald, believes that the next iPhone will have a 5-inch screen display. White, who has reliable contacts in Apple, revealed that iPhone 6 will be launched in the US market in the second or third quarter of 2014.

A number of other experts predict that the iPhone 6 will have a 4.7 or 4.8 inches display screen. However, only time will tell if there is any truth in these rumors or not.

Android models, which possess significantly bigger screens, are giving a stiff competition to Apple, which will probably prompt the technology giant to experiment with a bigger screen. The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is getting a lot of appreciation in different parts of the world, has a 5.7 inches screen.

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