Team Madleets Hacks Google Malaysia


A group of hackers, naming themselves as Team Madleets, has hacked the homepage of the Malaysian version of Google. The website, however, is back to normal now but it remained out of Google’s control for many hours as a link to Madleets page was being shown on the homepage with a message that some elite hackers from Pakistan ‘stamped’ it.

Quite interestingly, more information and some statements have been published on the Madleets’ Facebook page. While one statement reveals the reasons behind this act, the other admired the people of Malaysia for not being too bothered about their lack of access to Google.

On their page, the hackers made it clear that they have not done this out of hatred for anyone and claimed that they love humanity.

The hackers further added that the people of Malaysia are soft and kind as they did not take a harsh stand against their act.

Google, which happens to be a web giant, has not commented on the issue as yet. However, this incident shows once again that online security experts need to come up with revolutionary ideas to protect the data of millions of internet users all across the world.


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