Russia Keen to Launch a State-Owned Search Engine


Rostelecom, a Russian state-controlled telecom group, vows to start working on an internet search engine, which will be named after the Sputnik satellite.

The move clearly indicates the Russain government’s intentions of enhancing its control over the internet. The search engine will be called www.sputnik.ru.

However, web experts have their doubts about the success of the plan because the state-backed search engine will have to face fierce competition from some of the leading web giants like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Bing, etc. Apart from these globally popular search engines, the Russian government will have to outdo Yandex, which is currently holding 62 persent of the Russian market.

Popular VTB analyst, Ivan Kim believes that search engine is a totally different field as compared to telecom industry and feels that Rostelecom will face massive challenges in its way to taste success with its search engine.

Having already spent about $20 million on the project, Rostelecom is keen to hire developers from competitors. According to reports, the new search engine may have to be used as a default tool by state institutions.

Russia possesses the largest internet audience in Europe and achieving success within the country would be a massive breakthrough for the upcoming search engine. It needs to be remembered that Sputnik was the first man-made satellite, launched in October, 1957.



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