Angry Birds’ Latest Version to Be Launched at the End of 2013


The latest version of extremely popular game, Angry Birds, will be launched in December, 2013, with some really interesting changes in its design. According to reports, the next edition of Rovio’s game will be traveling on four wheels as carts are being introduced.

The name of this version is Angry Birds Go and is expected to gain a lot of popularity by the end of this year, with millions of users desperately waiting for its launch.

According to experts, the game is quite similar to Mario Kart, a popular game by Nintendo, as the characters of the game are placed behind the wheel of the go-karts, while players make their efforts in collecting power-ups and coins.

In order to give a wide range of options to the gamers, Angry Birds Go will offer a wide range of karts with different powers and users will have the option of selecting one according to their personal preferences.

On top of that, the game will also include small toys, Telepods, which were used in Angry Birds: Star Wars. Once placed on top of a smartphone or a tablet camera, users would have the option of transporting the Telepods into the game.


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