Google to Introduce Smartwatch by the End of October


According to 9to5Google report, Google, one of the global leaders in the field of information technology, is expected to launch a smartwatch by the end of this month. Technology experts have been waiting for this watch for quite some time, but they do not have to wait too long now.

Together with the KitKat announcement, Google will announce the Nexus watch, which has been codenamed as ‘Gem’. The expected date is widely predicted to be October, 31.

The report suggests that the smartwatch will work in tandem with Android voice search app, Google Now, while the developers are presently working hard on Bluetooth capabilities and enhancing the battery life.

If things go ahead as planned, Google will become the third major brand in the smartwatch industry, behind Sony and Samsung.

Sony released its very first smartwatch earlier this year, which gained a lot of appreciation from technology lovers in different parts of the world and it all set to release the second version in the US for approximately $200.

On the other side of the coin, Samsung Galaxy gear has also been released recently; however, it is not getting a great feedback from users as a big chunk of them feels that it is buggy and too limited.

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