iPhone 5C Failing to Compete with iPhone 5S


According to reports, Apple’s iPhone 5S is outselling iPhone 5C as the former has accounted for the 64 percent of the total iPhone sales, while the later has just contributed 27 percent, which is surely not good enough. The remaining nine percent iPhone sales have been made up by iPhone 4S.

Taking into account this data, experts are raising question marks over the future of iPhone 5C, which was expected to gain a lot of popularity among the females and youngsters due to its colorful interface.

A few days earlier, it was widely believed that iPhone 5C has failed to gain attention of the technology lovers in China; however, now it is being floundered in the US market as well.

Both models of iPhone were launched together a few weeks earlier and it was expected that iPhone 5S, which is arguably the best smartphone till date, will get more appreciation but no one thought that it would completely outdo iPhone 5C, which happens to be $100 cheaper.

Apple introduced the latest operating system, iOS 7, in both these phones. iPhone 5C is available in five different colors and will be launched in a number of other countries later this month and at the start of November along with 5S.


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