Global Demand for Personal Computers on a Decline Due to Tablets


As per a recent study of Gartner, due to the ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices such as tablets, the global demand for personal computers is rapidly declining. Gartner claims that the global computer market deteriorated by 8.4% in 2013, while the tablet market is showing massive growth, with an expected increase of 53.4% this year.

According to the research, consumers in most parts of the world prefer tablets with a display of 18 cm due to this size of content and consumption mobility, with their prices are also coming down.

This great news for Apple, which is all set to launch its latest iPad with expectations that it will be one of the top-selling tablets. According to reports, the new iPad will also possess Apple’s Touch ID, the fingerprinting scanner that was introduced in Apple’s recently-launched flagship device, iPhone 5S.

Carolina Milanesi, the research vice president at Gartner, is not too optimistic about the success of the latest iPad as she feels that consumers will prefer smaller tablets with lower prices in the holiday season.

Due to the tight economic conditions in most countries, Gartner revealed that cost is one of the determining factors in the purchase of tablets.


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