Google Ideas Introduces Products to Protect Freedom of Expression on the Internet


In its efforts to protect freedom of expression on the internet, Google has introduced a number of new products and initiatives during a summit in New York last week by the name of ‘Conflict in a Connected World’.

The summit was hosted by Google Ideas along with the Council on Foreign Relations and the Gen Next Foundation. Hacktivists, entrepreneurs, security experts, dissidents and others were present at the occasion.

Project Shield, uProxy and the Digital Attack Map are some of the new products and initiatives introduced by Google Ideas.

As per Google, uProxy, which is a browser extension of Firefox and Google Chrome and is still under development, will provide a trusted pathway to the web. It will save an internet connection from surveillance, misdirection and filtering. This tool has been developed by a non-profit software building organization, Brave New Software, and the University of Washington.

People can use Project Shield, another new initiative, to protect their websites which may come under the threat of DDoS attacks otherwise. It needs to be remembered that DDoS attacks are one of the most potent tools of black hat hackers these days.

Lastly, the Digital Attack Map is a ‘live data visualization tool that maps DDoS attacks from different parts of the globe.


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