Apples Aggressive Pricing Strategy Revealed at Yerba Beuna


Apple has revealed a new aggressive pricing strategy at their product event held at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. Apple plans to revolutionize its product prices as announced by the senior vice president of Apple, Craig Federighi. Apple will also release a few OS X Mavericks as giveaways which is their best operating system to date. The word ‘Free’ also appeared on the screen behind him as he was announcing. The word could also be seen at hokey slide animations which were previously used by Steve Jobs during keynote slides.

The company announced the all new iPad Air with a new iPad Mini which will include a retina display but for most people, the pricing announcement was the most significant one as Apple products are currently very expensive. The software offerings received a lot of attention because only the best Apple software was being given away.

Apples announced iLife and iWork suites apart from the Mavericks announcement. These revamped application versions of key apps such as Pages and Garage Band will be included with the new Mac or iOS package. Current iWork apps cost nearly $20 at app store, so new customers will save quite a good amount of money when they purchase a new iOS or Mac.


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