Hulu Disallows Full Episodes Streaming on Mobile


Streaming video website Hulu is owned by four of the biggest broadcast networks of the world and has disallowed the streaming of full episodes for mobile devices. iPhone owner can nearly stream any video content, but they have placed a strict ban on streaming complete episodes of TV series.

According to the official blog of the video hosting website, only certain Hulu clips are made available for streaming after selection. The website describes itself as a portal website through which people can find the latest news, TV and pop culture updates. The website also contains tons of video clips that people can watch for fun with an option to share the videos on social media websites.

Hulu Plus members enjoyed mobile view access and Hulu used this as bait to attract more customers. Even paid members are forced to view ads, but the amount of ads they receive is relatively low when compared to non-paid members. Paid members get access to shows earlier than non-paid members which makes the service extremely valuable. They can also access Hulu on multiple devices.

The new rule limits the access of non-paid members so they might get inclined to purchase the Plus membership. Anyone who wants to watch full programs will require the apps provided by the program networks to gain full access to TV episodes which are subscription based.


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