Titan Arm Gives Superhuman Strength


Superhuman strength is no longer a myth, as a group of students at the University of Pennsylvania devised a bionic bicep. It can be strapped to the arm and will augment the strength to unbelievable levels. Titan arm, as they named it, is the baby of four mechanical engineering students of final undergraduate year.

The invention already got them a prize of 10,000$ in the Cornell Cup of Invention and has also been nominated for the 2013 Dyson award. The arm can be connected to the exoskeleton and can be useful in physical therapy and manual labor.

Titan Arm is good news for those who have suffered upper body injuries or have to face rigorous manual labor in their daily jobs. This device will also minimize the back disorders, as according to the United States Department of Labor it is one the major reasons for disability in people. Another report issued by The American National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health say that around 600,000 workers are affected by the back problems every year.

Titan arm is attached to the right arm of a user and has a power motor at the elbow joint. The bionic arm is capable of lifting 40 pounds of weight and is made of steel and aluminum components.


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