Samsung Projects the Flexible Display Concepts


Technology has uninterruptedly been setting new standards over the past few years, and Samsung has effectively sustained its position at the top counts in this regard. The manufacturers of revolutionary Galaxy Round and Galaxy Nexus are on the way to revise their benchmarks. The coming attraction under consideration is the all new foldable display. The idea was presented by CEO himself in an analyst’s event at South Korea.

Well, this is not the only news from Seoul. Authorities have claimed that this innovative display technology will be followed by another analogous anticipation, the bendable display phones. This concept was revealed via a slideshow, depicting the Samsung’s vision of Smartphones for the subsequent couple of years.

The authorities have also pledged that the bendable display phone is scheduled to release in the coming year, while the foldable technology will be out in the markets by the end of 2015. It is to be noted that Samsung has already carried the groundwork through its Galaxy models, Round and Nexus.

Apart from Samsung, LG is also setting its feet to make pertinent advancements. Latest announcements of G Flex, and currently initiated mass-production of stepped and curved batteries has put LG in the queue.


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