New Google Ad Gains Immense Popularity in India and Pakistan


Google India released an extremely emotional commercial on Wednesday expressing a tear-jerking story of two childhood friends who got separated due to the partition of the sub-continent and how the web giant’s search engine helped them reunite.

The Indian sub-continent was divided in 1947 with the creation of Pakistan after decades of political tension among the Hindus, the Muslims and the British. Countless people migrated from India to Pakistan and vice versa, leaving their properties and loved ones to save their lives.

The three and a half minute commercial starts with a young girl listening to her grandfather, who badly misses his childhood friend from Pakistan. The girl then uses Google’s search engine to find out the telephone number of the sweet shop owned by her grandfather’s friend.

She then contacts Yusuf, her grandfather’s friend and his grandson, who then uses the search engine to know about the process of getting an Indian visa. As a result of their efforts, Yusuf is able to visit India to meet his friend and surprise him on his birthday as the two old men embrace each other with tears.

In no time, this ad of Google India has gained immense popularity in both India and Pakistan and it is being widely shared on social networking websites as well.


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