Infiniti to target Chinese Market


Though it has been a while, since Infinity is in operations, however, it is still younger than its renowned opponents Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi. Now, Infinity (the luxury car division of Japanese Nissan Motor Company) has publicly declared its professional enmity against these three German auto brands.

Johan de Nysschen the President of Infiniti, asserted to enter the Chinese auto market with a pre-defined approach. In his interview to an auto magazine, he clearly indicated that the brand will give a rough time to the above noted most established brands of the automobile industry.

It is a notable fact that China is the world’s largest auto market with the luxury buyers of least age characteristic. It seems as if the Infiniti team has already carried some coursework to understand the buying trends and behaviours of the local market. The claims made about Chinese buyers preferring and trying out new premium brands because they find other of same kind too conventional, is undeniably an outcome of a thorough psychological study. If such studies are conducted by the above titled company, it shows their readiness and groundwork efficiency.

In an investigational phase, Infiniti will start with two of its latest models. One of these models is 2014 Q50 belonging to a Sedan family, while the other one, 2014 QX50 comes from the Crossover & SUVs division. Both the vehicles will be locally produce due to the less costly factors of production and import duty of 25 per cent on cars in China. This is the reason why rest of the players are stick to the same production strategy.

Infiniti Q50 and QX50 are promised to have higher backseat comfort, addressing the fact that consumers in China prefer to sit at back. Let us see the kind of responsiveness Infiniti will be able to collect in its coming months.


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