2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series


While talking about car racing, one cannot overlook the speed machines from Mercedes-Benz. One of its latest attractions is the 2014 SLS AMG Black Series. As by now, the car has hit the tracks and went through several drive tests. Majority of the reviewers have ranked this two-seat rear wheel drive with almost maximum stars.

Black Series’ 7 speed transmission and 622 horsepower engine let the beast to touch 196 mph. The wheelbase of 105.5 inches helps the vehicle in taking just 3.2 seconds to achieve 0-60 mph. Other specifics of this ride include, lateral acceleration of average 1.11 g, curb weight of 3710 lb, and EPA highway fuel economy of 12/18 mpg. The braking capacity of 60-0 mph in just 100 ft allows a stronger grip over this pack of power.

This specific model was earlier in the news and was considered to be only an enhanced version of Mercedes-Bens SLS GT. However, these speculations proved to be inaccurate latterly, as there were some serious modifications found. The base for this new development was indeed the SLS GT, but the transformation to Black Series is extensive with 17 significant enhancements. Prominent amendments like additional 39 horsepower enable the car hit 7200 rpm, while the mark ranges to 8000 rpm.

The interior of Black Series, blended with leather, alacantra and metal depicts its elegance, and is called as designo by the manufacturers. The widely adjustable luxury soft seats with a series of internal bladders and tight bolstering provides an experience of true pleasure.

Although Black Series is among the most expensive and exclusive cars from Mercedes-Benz, you can customarily unload the vehicle to drop some dollars off. Removing lithium-ion starter battery, titanium exhaust, carbon-ceramic brakes, COMAND navigation and infotainment system might bring it under your affordability.

Although there is hard to find anything negative in this car from a racing car’s perspective, it may not be complement with common roads and casual drives.


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