Google Launches Prepaid Debit Card


Google, the tech giant on Wednesday, 20 November, launched its first prepaid debit card, which will be associated with customer’s Google Wallet account, Google Wallet Card. This prepaid card will primarily be used for purchases, whereas money can also be withdrawn from ATMs.

Google Wallet was launched in 2011 – you can make your phone a wallet, thus saving you both time and money. It can be used for both online an in-store shopping. However, the project hasn’t picked up pace, yet. Retailers such as iPhone are not up to this technology till date – haven’t adopted the in-store payment feature.

Nonetheless, now, phone is not necessary to pay in point of sales. Customers can simply use prepaid card, just like other traditional cards by swiping it. Moreover, the prepaid card can be used at various traditional locations where MasterCard is accepted. On top of that, Google Wallet Card does not charge any fee over its ATM transactions.

Google Wallet Card can be obtained by Google Wallet application or downloaded through the internet. Following the footsteps of Google, other companies are also preparing to launch their own versions of prepaid debit cards.


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