LG Confesses Gathering Information through Smart TVs without Users’ Approval

APphoto_South Korea Smart TVs Privacy

LG, South Korea’s technology giant, has confessed that it obtained information about viewers without their permission through some of its smart TVs.

Jason Huntley, a UK-based information technology expert, raised the issue in one of his blogs and LG started investigating after that. It needs to be remembered that LG happens to be the world’s second largest television manufacturer.

Despite turning off the data collection feature, Huntley revealed that the TV maker continued to obtain information about his activities on the smart TV.

Unless LG addresses the issue quickly and satisfies its customers, it may end up facing an evident reduction in sales in different parts of the world.

After the issue became popular, LG’s biggest rival and the leading Television maker of the world, Samsung, made it clear that its customers never face such problems and claimed that the data security and privacy of consumers is the most important thing for the company and they take it extremely seriously.

In a statement, Samsung mentioned that standard security safeguards are a part of all its smart TVs in order to make sure that no one can gather data about users without their approval.


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