Apple iPhone 4G Signal Loss: Matter Resolved

Apple iPhone 4 bumper case to solve signal loss issueYesterday we heard about the signal display issues of latest iPhone 4g. Some users even posted YouTube videos to demonstrate the issue. Several iPhone 4G owners who just received the phone a day ago were very disappointed due to the signal problems while holding the lower left part of their iPhone 4g. This problem seems to be somewhat prevalent and one can visualized it quite easily as users notice bars indicating signal strength of the device drops down for a few seconds when the bottom left portion of the iphone4 is cupped in the hand.

After this feedback from the iPhone 4G customers, experts examined device’s tendency which shows decreased number of signal indicators than the iPhone 3GS. The similar problem arose in the earlier version of iphone too but that time calls did continue to go through and Apple also ascertained that the problem with display bar was occurring just because of a software malfunction rather than signal strength issue.

But since this time the problem arises due to cupping the device it may not be explained as just a software presentation problem, as several users have send negative feedback due to this.

If you are facing the same display issue on you’re newly bought Apple device, then here is good news for you. The Apple’s bumper cases for the iPhone 4is an effective accessory that can eliminate the problem quite easily. The case is quite durable and made of hard plastic hence provides good protection to your iPhone 4G. Some of the users have claimed that their iPhone 4 display issue has been completely resolved by using this accessory which you can buy from any Apple store at only $29.


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4 Responses to "Apple iPhone 4G Signal Loss: Matter Resolved"

  1. ucdgrad says:

    Interesting! Just another way for Apple to get $30 more out of people. I’m waiting for the white version so hopefully this problem will be resolved by then!

  2. Kat says:

    It’s not 4g. The phone is just called iPhone 4.

  3. Praveen says:

    Yeah, its called iPhone 4. The previous code name was iPhone 4G.

  4. Swathi Reddy says:

    thank you for the post.but still some of them face the problem even after updating the ios

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