VanD Flashing iPhone Cases: Illuminate When You Get a Call


You would have only used an iPhone case to protect your phone from scratches or any damage. This is so old school. VanD Flashing iPhone cases take the concept of a simple phone case to a whole new level and combines the protection with happy, blinky coolness.

Accessible in a mixture of styles for iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 5c, the LED Cover Flashing Clear Case offers an apparently transparent defensive shell for your handset. Moreover, by leveraging a bit known iOS settings – LED blaze for alarms – the case will illuminate to present a clever implanted example each time you get a call, quick message, email, or all else that would regularly trigger an alert. The point when that happens, the LED glimmer is redistributed all around the whole packaging. Apparently, you can see the impact not just from the back of the iPhone, but on the sides’ as well. It’s pretty cool, particularly acknowledging that it requires no extra electric storage device power (other than what the LED as of recently draws).

This could be a fine blessing thing for an iPhone 5 possessor who like quiet perceptible alarms that additionally look pretty. The cases are available for $19.99 each.

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