The new Hybrid Vacuum Cleaner by Panasonic can be charged by a Smartphone


In order to get someone excited about a ‘vacuum cleaner’, it must possess some really extraordinary features and cutting edge technology which is really out of the ordinary. Panasonic’s Japanese model MC-HS700G has a couple of extravagant accessories that make one sit up and pay heed. With its “hybrid” outline, it can work cordlessly. Its recently improved high-powered lithium particle electric storage devices permit it to be revived with your cell phone by means of USB assuming that you’re doing some extraordinary vacuuming off the grid.

This is helpful, assuming that you end up cleaning remote corners of some area which does not incorporate a power outlet, particularly since Panasonic claims that the MC-HS700G can lift a 6-pound bowling ball off the ground with its sucking power.

While its battery takes around five hours to charge, it can only be used for 20 minutes in auto mode. The spout connections incorporate a rotating brush unit with twin LED lights that gleam on dust and trash in its path. Provided that you need to determine you haven’t missed a spot, the handle has a light which will illuminate if the unit faculties dust. It can enroll particles as little as 20 microns, which are imperceptible to the human eye. Panasonic’s MC-HS700G is being offered in Japan for about $725.

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