Winamp moves Toward Immortality


Don’t say goodbye to winamp just yet. The project might yet get an alternate rent on life.

A month ago, Winamp producer Nullsoft proclaimed that parent AOL was set to discontinue the software as on Friday, December 20, after which this software might never again be accessible for download. At the same time, Techcrunch, which is likewise claimed by AOL, said that a suitor might slide in to save this relic media player.

Referring to data from “a source with learning of the discourses,” Techcrunch said on Thursday that AOL has been talking with a potential purchaser about acquiring Winamp and Shoutcast. A streaming music site, Shoutcast is additionally part of the AOL realm through the 1999 takeover of Nullsoft.

The source didn’t uncover the prospective purchaser however communicated confidently that an assertion might be coming soon. On account of the arrangement, Winamp may as well live past December 20 and still be accessible for download, the source included.

As of recent news, AOL is concluding transactions to auction Winamp and Shoutcast in an arrangement that might permit both items to live on.


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